Jul 21 2012

Blaine: You know you don’t have to make things up just to talk to me, Michael. 

Mike: I’m not making it up!

Blaine: I’ve seen you wear hairgel before. I even helped you apply it during West Side Story.

Mike: T-That was hair-hairspray!

Blaine: I helped you put it in your hair, Michael! Remember? You said that I should become a professional head massage therapist because my hands felt so good in your hair and I said I don’t think that those exist and you said you would prove that they did exist if you weren’t so relaxed and then things got awkward…because your body really liked it too.

Mike: S-So… I may have repressed that embarrassing memory.

Blaine: I know I didn’t. 

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03:08 AM

In which Blaine secretly in love with Mike and wants to stop being friends with Mike so he doesn’t have to deal with his feelings for Mike anymore but doesn’t have the strength to leave either. In which Mike is oblivious to these facts. 

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Jun 30 2012
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12:02 AM

Sorry we have been so inactive. I broke my external hard drive and it had pretty much everything on it, so I’ll have to redownload all of the Glee episodes to make any more graphics. And my co-runner…well I don’t know her excuse really. Anyway, you can still request or ask Mike and Blaine anything here or submit your own work as well.

Jun 18 2012

“I…I-I told you I wasn’t good at this either-I like you, too.”

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Jun 08 2012


A Very Mike and Blaine Post
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Jun 04 2012

Now I guess you won’t have trouble remembering me some day. 

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Jun 02 2012
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Jun 01 2012

Some secret drawings left on the Bike Chanderson tag. :)

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May 29 2012

"I come all the way from Chicago and gather up all the courage I can to ask you out, and you won’t go out with me because of my clothes?"

"Well, I always thought college students dressed a little more classy. I’m disappointed."

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